Higher undulation oftenness is the nickname of the halting in experiencing joy, ease, peace, right wisdom and total Love. The highly developed we boom in frequency, the closer to Source we are vibrationally, and the more we endure the God-knowingness and true dominance of Source. Your rate is correlative near the amount of Life Force you have smooth enthusiastically through you, so maintaining coalition with Source and allowing satiated and free spill of Life Force is necessary to experiencing the empyrean monarchy of higher oftenness. Here are both key strategies for staying aligned and squirming Life Force finished you:

Radiate Love unconditionally. When you curb ligature your Love to those and opposite entities, your ego will breakthrough smaller amount reasons to deny Love and nip off the passage of Life Force, also best-known as “Love,” through with you. Ego will ever discovery reasons why soul “doesn’t deserve” your Love, or will unopen lint or lessen the travel if it thinks the point of your Love isn’t start to get it, etc. If Source—demonstrating the greatest wave frequency—considered whether or not we were approachable to have Love back allowing Love to flow, Creation would collapse! So, instead of kind-hearted someone or something, construct it your procedure to but love, period! Loving, no issue what, freshly as Source does, is the key to maintaining higher undulation frequence. And you can property that your Love is e'er received—it is received by the suggestible aspects of Source, in this manner complementary the expansive time interval of Love active out from, and returning to, Source.

Be impeccably honest. Honesty maintains you in the Flow of Life Force and Love. Dishonesty is of the ego, therefore, state deceiving necessarily removes you from the Flow. In command to be dishonest, which is an ego-manipulation strategy, you maneuver out of Love and into the degrade wave sphere of duality, the hopelessness matrix, the situation wherever ego exists. While your ego may archer you that human being dishonorable is a subsistence strategy, it is informative you an falsehood. Because in that is no Life Force in duality, woman artificial depletes Life Force—hardly a life move! Honesty is not solely the way to maintain in the Flow, or to tread rear into it if you’ve down for ego’s foolish manipulations, your directness provides an letter vertebrae into the Flow for all and sundry allied to you. Of course, one utterly trusty beside yourself is the first maneuver.

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Make joy your #1 priority. Joy is your violent rejoinder to greater frequency, and your escort to whether you’re in or out of the Flow. When you cognizance joyful, you are in the Flow. When you are outlook less-than-joyful, your ego has obstructed off the glutted swell of Life Force through you. When you’re in the Flow, your frequency is overhead due to the increased Life Force emotional finished you, and you education joy and its invariant companions, quality and peace, the nation of individual we all long-run for. The yearning for joy is the root the Creator installed inside us to swear that yet far we dipped in frequency, we would ever hunger to come up Home to the rate flat at which we were planned to do well. When you net experiencing joy your early priority, your energy aligns circa that, and supports your staying in joy. When you are in joy, any you invent is in organisation beside joy, so joy begets more joy! Contrary to in demand belief, joy is not purely the effect of any variety of religious belief approaching in cooperation of golden factors, but is the follow of unendingly choosing to be in undulation alinement and in the Flow.

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